What makes us PRO is not only our names but our high level of expertise and the specialization of our services.

Joaquim Paredes, Rene Ryter und Anton Odermatt established PRO Ski Rental GmbH.



Anton Odermatt is one of the three stockholders of Pro Ski Rental GmbH and he has been an adamant skier for most of his life. As a certified Ski-Instructor, he knows exactly what the best material for our customers is so you feel great on the slopes. He's a enthusiastic and talented skier in the winter, during summer he's also in the mountains by mountain bike or hiking.

In the shop, he's responsible for the background of the rental processing and customer support.



ryter1René Ryter has been working in sports since 1995. He is passionate about his job, and has worked in many places including several seasons in Aspen, Colorado and Adelboden in the Bernese Alps. René was able to expand his knowledge on rentals at a large scale here, and has quite a fine touch for the type of skier you are. He can give you helpful tips if you are experiencing any troubles skiing.

At the Shop he's responsible for sales and rentals. He is our shoe specialist and can perform all sorts of adjustments and modifactions to custom-fit your boot to your liking. For an enjoyable skiing day without painful feet.


paredes1Anywhere Joqaquim Paredes goes, he is known by the name of Joe. He is a talented allrounder. He's good at everything from motorbiking to kitesurfing, There's nowhere he can't be expected to show up!

He is widely known for his ski-tuning and servicing at the highest level. As a talented skier, he is also very familiar with our rental equipment. Joe is fluent in 5 languages so he can communicate with almost any Customer!




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