We are a well-rehearsed and experienced team


Our strengths are the high professional competence and the specialization of our services.

Joaquim Paredes, Rene Ryter and Anton Odermatt have founded PRO Ski Rental GmbH.

Anton Odermatt is the senior member of the team at Pro Ski Rental GmbH and skiing is a passion of his. After completing his training as a Pat. Bündner ski instructor, he worked for many years as a ski instructor and trainer in the Ski Club in Arosa. He has worked with every level of skier and therefore he knows very well what kind of material the customer's material will have a quick success in skiing. He is himself an enthusiastic skier in winter and also in summer active with mountain biking and hiking in the mountains. Through his former activity in the financial sector he is responsible in the business for finance and administration, as well as support in rental.

René Ryter has been working in the sports trade since 1995. He enjoyed his job and worked in various sports shops on a seasonal basis. In Adelboden and Aspen (Colorado) he expanded his expertise. René from Einsiedeln can be found mainly on the slopes of Hoch Ybrig and he enjoys the many variations of the ski area. In the summer he is active in windsurfing, jogging and family and is responsible for sales and rentals. His strength are the ski boots, he has a high knowledge for the adjustment of the ski boots, so that it becomes also for people with problem feet a pleasure to skiing.

Joaquim Paredes, everybody calls him "Joe", he is a talented all-rounder and enthusiastic about machines and technology. His passion is fishing but he also loves motorcycling and kitesurfing. For his job is a prerequisite to be a talented skier to know what kind of equipment the customer should be equipped with. Our Portuguese is eloquence (he speaks fluently 5 languages) he is the contact point for every customer in our shop! When it comes to ski service, he knows no compromises and his work is at the highest level, highly appreciated in the circles of ambitious skiers.